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From a 20ft container workshop in the backyard, to realising his dream of building an entire house out of six 40ft shipping containers, is where it all started with David Hicks.
While building the house, our family needed somewhere to live during the whole process. David decided to convert a single 40 ft container into a portable home for this purpose. While working on both builds at the same time, he was constantly approached by people enquiring about shipping container conversions. This is what has turned this adventure into a business. 

We convert single 20 & 40 ft shipping containers into amazing tiny homes, batches, sleep-outs, studios and more.

We insulate our containers with top quality closed-cell spray foam which provides the best possible result for warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Combined with double glazing and our water-proofing techniques, this ensures you have a comfortable space that is well above NZ standard.

They are an excellent solution for people building and being able to live onsite. And they can be rented out or on-sold in the future if needed. Please contact us to discuss the options and pricing.
David Hicks, director of Container Conversions Ltd
4 bedroom home built from shipping containers
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