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Do I need a building consent?

Every situation is different.

It is up to the individual purchaser to confirm what is permitted with their own Council. We can advice on this process if needed.

Can I supply my own container?


Can we make any changes?

Yes. We can alter the interior design and layout of your container, to accomodate your needs. Please talk to us about your requirements.

Will we have to pay for transport?

Yes. Transportation is additional to the price of the price depending on your location. We will quote this for you when you enquire.

What are the terms of payment when buying a container home?

A 25% deposit is required prior to building commencement.

Payment in full is required prior to delivery.


How long will it take to build?

Once you have decided on the plan and paid the deposit, your container can be finished within 1-2 months. 


Are the containers insulated?

Yes, all containers are professionally sprayed with closed-cell spray foam. This is the only proper way to insulate containers and has a highest R-value for applied thickness.

What is the power connection in the container?

The power is supplied via a 16amp caravan plug. 

What is the water connection to the container?

Water is connected via one inlet pipe on the outside of the container. The water is heated by a gas califont and all you need to do is hook up a gas bottle.

Where does the waste water go?

Shower and sink will have a 40mm pipe underneath the container ready for connection. Toilet will have a 100mm pipe underneath the container, ready for connection. Option for a composting toilet is available.

What will be in my bathroom?

The bathroom comes with either a 900 x 900mm or 820 x 820 mm curved shower unit and shower dome. There is a standard flushing toilet with soft-close lid and a 750mm vanity. 


What will be in my kitchen?

A small kitchenette unit with sink and cupboards and a electric hob for cooking.

What type of flooring is supplied in the container?

The container will have vinyl planks throughout. If you want to make changes please let us know so we can discuss options available.

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