Container Conversions Ltd  -  David Hicks  -  49 Hughes Line, Clareville, 5887, Wairarapa  

Email:   -   Tel: 022 1860080


We specialise in the modification of shipping containers, sale of storage containers (10, 20, 40 ft), spray-foam insulation, consultations.
We can help you with anything from tiny homes, Batches, Air B&B, Sleep-outs, Studios and more.
kitchen in shipping container
Many would say that a shipping container by itself is pretty boring. Some people even call them ugly!
However, with a little bit of imagination (and a lot of work), Container Conversions turns these steel cubes into something pretty cool and unconventional.
You may think that living in a container home doesn’t sound very appealing.
We invite you to come and see just what can be done!
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kitchen/dining area in connverted 40ft shipping container